Thursday, December 03, 2009

Aslam - Garage Boy

In Calcutta, the number of unorganized car repairing shops, or better known as garages are much higher than any other Metros, and at the same time, the number of authorised serviced centres are much less. Like any normal child, I was always fascinated with the cars, and in fact my father’s hobby was repairing cars. We used to get many cars to repair, and when I turned even ten, I was able to dismantle and assemble the complete engine of Ambassadors and Landmasters.

However, with modern cars with no carburettors and with MPFI engines, and also with no differential at back (Recent Sedans are fitted with front wheel drive), both of us are helpless but to take the help of other “garages”.
Last month, I decided to take my car for a minor repair to an unorganized garage near Eastern By-pass. They are actually from Garpar but evacuated due to new high-rise building coming there. I came across a boy called Aslam, and was quite amazed to see his skill while dealing with “malik” and the car. Aslam is getting trained by different Dadas on various interesting aspects of engineering and life.

A few shot of Aslam, his workplace environment and a few Dadas.

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