Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bhagmundi – surfacing ignorance

I remember, when I was a kid, still in morning school, there was a program in Salt Lake stadium at Calcutta, called hope 86. One of the main people behind that show was Subhas Chakraborty, who was a minister then. (For those, who does not know SC – he is a minister in the left front government, an important member for several decades)

The then Chief Minister, Mr. Jyoti Basu and other CPM politburo members, and a host of pseudo intellectuals of Calcutta termed the entire show as “Apasanskriti”, and that too before the show itself. The visioning capability of the entire group without the help of time machine was too extreme, no doubt, though it is not reflected from the present condition of state.

However, let’s get back to the main story, - to counter the allegation, Subhash Chakraborty said “sabaner biggapone amar mukh thakle sei saban bikri hobe?? na Rekhar mukh thakle?”. Well that attracted me like nothing.

When I was growing, (still I am), I got slightly disillusioned by a few of his remarks, as he openly said to the reporters and journalists, that “apnara shob ardhho sikkhitoder dol”.

Well, today, I have no doubt to say, that he was right, and he is right, he was contemporary, and he is too. I am referring to the present case of Bhagmundi in Purulia in West Bengal. Five students, three boys and two girls went for rock climbing and trekking, and due to flash flood, three of them died. Our own Calcutta media decided to ‘discover’ the ‘actual reason’, and they only surfaced two things for themselves, how dirty they are, and how ignorant they are. Ignorance is best tolerated when it is not argued upon. These bunch of journalists are truly ‘ardhosikkhito’.

The role of the fourth estate, i.e. the role of press is so very important for the development of a nation, and here, in our own country, own state, where people are termed “intellectual”, trying to inject wrong steam to stimulate dirty minds.

Sex sells, and it sells more in print form, when actually the takers are unable to perform the actual art. I request all my readers to tell the takers of journo’s product on Bhagmundi, that they are all non-performers.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New kid in the Blog

My "Thakuma" decided the names of her two grandsons, my cousin's was Radhakrishna, and mine is Madan Mohan. My "Jathaima" changed Radhakrishna to Subir stating that must have some similarities with father's name, which was Sudhir. My parents decided to stick to Madan Mohan. (In fact my father had a very little role to play there).

From the age of 5, I was too fond of the game cricket and also Dolna or Jhula, and from the combination, the name SWING evolved.

Most of my friends call me Swing, and with that Madan Mohan Chakraborty is so very contrasting. I am a new kid in the blog, and this is my first attempt. How is it?