Thursday, August 30, 2007

Internal Branding

This blog may take all of us during our school or college days. Well, let me just not start abruptly. I am asked by our senior management team to drive a new branding policy. No no, I am not going into my organizational affaire, but there is a link. At present we do not have any separate brand other than our name. So my first initial though was to create and propagate an internal branding exercise, which will lead us to external branding.

In my college days, I was a brand, and I feel proud to state that. The brand “swing” was used to describe many things, few of them were good, and few of them were bad. Like me, there were many brands, and there were many students, who were not brands. In JU (Jadavpur University, where I studied), after you pass your final year exam, a book called tech is published. All your classmates and batch mates write about you there, and the thing is kept for years. I have also seen a tech of sixties, when my father was a student, and what was written about him.

In the editorial, I saw my name, and though I do not really remember who wrote that. May be Dipta or Nilendu was behind it. (Dipta is Ditakirti Chowdhury, who’s really a “kirtiman”, presently based in NCR, and responsible for managing a famous Indian company, related to media; Nilendu is a typist, types and sees that in television, but he says what he writes are software, presently based in US of A, and one of the best orator I have seen).

They wrote that after 1997, Swing is no more going to come with his brakeless cycle to the main hostel during the semester to know the syllabus! After 10 years of professional life, we are still very much engaged with our University. What makes us so, various incidents, education, friends, all together, what ???? Do we know, do we want to know?

Let’s get back to the topic, branding and engagement. What do you think? Why we are still so much associated with our schools....

This post is not complete, and will continue..

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